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Small Business
Marketing Simplified

Smart, Affordable Marketing
For Your Small Business

 Frustration-free Marketing 

As a small business owner or manager, don't you wish you had more time, energy, and expertise to create and execute more effective marketing for your business? 


Compass Marketing will help you meet your business goals and improve you marketing ROI, giving you more time to stand out from other entrepreneurs and turn more prospects into loyal customers. 

Be seen when your customers are searching 

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Email Marketing

Compass uses email campaigns to develop relationships with your potential customers and clients before they buy. 

Social MediA Marketing

Social media marketing allows companies to reach, engage and promote to drive more brand loyalty and web traffic.  


Small businesses with unclear messages and poor performance are missing out. We can help. 


Businesses not leveraging the power of the world's largest search engine
are suffering.
We are experts at GBP.

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Choose Your Level Of Guidance

We Teach you

Perhaps you are a

do-it-yourself marketer or you have a dedicated marketing person on your staff and just want some solid education and affirmation of your path. 

We love to teach! 

We Assist You

Our Assist program allows you to expand the marketing team you already have in place as we all work together to achieve your sales and marketing goals.  

WE do IT for you

As a retainer client, we work for a flat fee each month to build strategy, design, create, deploy and monitor whatever marketing objectives you choose. 

Our True North

True North is our orienting point; that one fixed point in a chaotic world which guides us to methodically make our decisions client by client, day by day and moment by moment keeping us all on our intended path. 

Our Mission

To provide affordable, impactful, and relevant marketing services to our small business clients. 

Our Vision

Love what we do

Grow each day

Reserve human capacity

Metabolize our interactions

Earn profits for our talents

Our Values






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