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About You
The Entrepreneur

We know you Mrs. and Mr. Entrepreneur!

Your days are filled with countless spontaneous activities, and you have so much on your plate that marketing and advertising tend to go to the back burner, not by choice but necessity. 

We know your days, and too often, your nights are filled with concerns over cash-flow, customer service issues, securing inventory, hiring staff, managing deliveries, fixing damaged products, and merchandising your website or showroom floor in preparation for your upcoming sales events you hope will be a success. 


Compass Marketing founder, Bo Harvey has been working with small businesses like you for over 30 years. First, as a sales and marketing specialist, later working to build a Fortune 100 brand in over 160 countries, and most recently founding Compass Marketing Group in Orlando, FL. 


Successfully focused on small businesses, sales and marketing lives at the core of Bo's entire career driving more traffic and sales to his client's brick-and-mortar and website locations. 

Compass Marketing Group understands that creating your next sales event is usually just one more struggle requiring you to slow down for each month and figure out because your advertising rep from the local newspaper or television station is hounding you to meet their deadline. 

In addition to over 30 years of small business experience, Compass has a cadre of dedicated partners with decades of experience and wisdom in building ad campaigns that have true impact.


Our teams can curate, design, create, and execute assets for both traditional and digital ad campaigns that free you up to focus on what matters most. 

Our mission is simple, to provide affordable, impactful, and relevant marketing services to our clients. 


Mr. and Mrs. Entrepreneur, we look forward to serving you and your business. 

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