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4.3 Minutes to Better Social Media Marketing

Read On To Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

An effective social media marketing strategy is crucial to any business’s online marketing strategy. We visit many business owners who get confused either with creating their social content strategy or picking the platform and targeting the right audience.

You should build a social media marketing strategy that uses all your social channels in a meaningful and measurable way. You also want to understand and dive deep into your customer’s needs and pain points.

Whether you’re new to a social media marketing or you’re a social media wizard, an effective social media marketing strategy is a must if you want to see success with your social campaigns.

In this post, you’ll learn how to build your social media marketing strategy step-by-step to help you capture more leads and customers on social media.

1. Have Clear and SMART Social Media Goals

This is the most overlooked part of creating a social media marketing strategy. Many businesses fail to direct their social efforts to set realistic and attainable marketing goals.

First, you must realize why your business needs to be on social media and what you want to achieve with it. This will make your path easy while creating and implementing your social media marketing strategy. Here are some common social media marketing goals you can relate to:

· Grow your brand awareness on social media

· Drive targeted traffic to your website

· Generate more leads from social media

· Boost your sales and revenue

· Increase your brand’s social engagement

· Build a community around your brand

· Provide quick customer service

You don’t have to stick with a single goal and it’s fine to have many social goals if you have a team large enough to do the job.

Setting SMART Goals

Colorful and descriptive graphic of the acronym S.M.A.R.T

Do not forget to set SMART goals aligned with your business while building your social media marketing strategy. Make sure your goals are:

· Specific

· Measurable

· Attainable

· Relevant

· Time-bound

2. Investigate and Understand Your Target Audience

After finding out your social media goals, you need to research your target audience or potential customers in depth. You should also study and understand everything you can about them.

A close understanding of your target audience plays a decisive role to create the content they would like and engage in. It also helps in converting them from your followers to your customer.

Create Your Buyer's Persona

Your buyer’s persona allows you to visualize your prospects and target audience as a real human with genuine needs and problems. It will also help you dissect the kinds of content to share, the best platform to pick, times to share posts, and more.

Answering these questions about your target audience while creating your buyer’s persona:

· Who are they? (age, gender, location, work, income, marital status, etc.)

· Where do they spend time online? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

· What interests them? (Informational, educational, entertaining content)

· What form of content do they prefer? (watch videos, read a blog, graphics, infographics, memes, etc.)

· Why do they consume your content? (the goals behind consuming your content)

· What time of day do they prefer to consume your content?

3. Identify Your Key Social Metrics

Identifying your key social metrics is crucial as your social media marketing strategy should always be data-driven. Don’t doom your social media campaigns by not utilizing analytic tools and never analyzing the insights.

You should keep your eye on some of these important social media marketing metrics:

Social media metric names
Like it, share it, follow it

· Impression (the total time you showed up in someone’s news feed)

· Engagement (users who interacted with your post)

· Clicks (users who actually took the action with your post)

Simple metrics such as likes, comments and shares can’t present their definite value. So, you should focus on generating leads, referrals and increasing your conversion rate.

4. Observe Your Competitors

While building your social media marketing strategy, it is so important to examine what your competitors are doing on social media. It is so valuable for you to understand the audience they are targeting and the content they create. You will learn a lot from just watching on them and by figuring out what are they doing and trying to achieve on social media.

After identifying your social competitors, you will understand your industry better on social. Also, what’s working for them and what isn’t. Finding their social strengths, flaws, and adjusting to your strategy will powerup your social media marketing strategy.

5. Create Your Content Strategy

It is vital to create your social content strategy to get success on social media. Businesses often struggle to design high-quality content consistently without a proper content strategy. You can even find inspiration from your beloved brands on social and other successful social media accounts.

Creating and sticking to your own content theme or pattern will get you consistency with your social content creation. It will also help you organize and plan your content, posts, and sort them down. Using attractive graphics, videos, interactive content like polls, user-generated content will also improve your content strategy.

6. Create Quality, Relevant and Engaging Content

Creating quality and relevant content is very essential for social media. This is where understanding the likes and interests of your audience will help you the most. It is all about your audience, their interests, and problems that you should be focusing your content on.

Photo of the word "problem" at the center of a maze drawing
Focus on solving a problem!

Engagement with your content is another key factor that matters for your business on social media. That is why you should create and share the contents your followers like and interact with. Your regular engagement with your audience will help you build a loyal fanbase and establish your brand as an authority.

7. Expand Your Reach with Paid Ads and Influencer Marketing

Paid ads will grow your reach faster to your target audience.Social media ads will help you spread to a larger audience who aren’t connected with you than only just your current followers. It will also allow you to target your ads to your special demographic and interested audience. Using great copy and your call to action will encourage your target audience to buy or signup.

Working with influencers will get a lot of new attention to your business. It will make you acceptable to those audiences helping you establish a trustworthy brand.

We hope this post has given you something helpful to think about and more important something to act on. Stay tuned for more articles monthly on growing your business. Feel free to reach us to simplify your social media marketing at Compass Marketing Group where you can choose the specific help you need and then determine the level of support we can supply with a budget that fits your company's goals and mission.

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