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Social Shorts

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Video content for social media, websites and emails has proven to be more engaging, informative and lead to higher conversions than simple images and text posts. 

The problem with most retailers is there are so many other aspects of your business to manage and who has the time, energy or technical skills to make that happen?

That's where our Social Short video subscription provides you with fresh, affordable, impactful, and engaging content each month. 


We've published a library of rich, video content for our customers for use on their social media, company website, email campaigns, and anywhere else they connect with their audience.


When you subscribe, you'll have your own channel of customized videos which include every video in our library with your company logo, tagline, address, contact info, and web address added at no extra charge.

We have monthly subscriptions for all you do-it-yourselfers and for busier folks where we create and post for you, keeping you focused on what you do best. 

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